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The rapid development of the company benefits from effective talent strategy:


The principles of human resources management: to take advantage of morality, to use talents, to cultivate talents, and to retain faith only;


Human resource management tasks: trust, restraint and growth. Trust is the premise, the constraint is the guarantee, and growth is the goal.


Selection: first, virtue is the first, and talent is the first.


Employing people: making the best use of talents and making the best use of them;


Educating people: talent is needed, talent is needed, everyone is trained, everyone trains people.


Keep people: good faith communication, cause to stay;


Performance assessment: on the basis of performance theory, fair and transparent;


Salary incentive: to set salary to stimulate potential.


The company adheres to the tenet of "people-oriented, credit first and serving customers", holding "scientific management, meticulous manufacturing" as the management concept, adhering to "harmony, pragmatism, quality, innovation" as the spirit of the enterprise.